• New In-Production Engine

  • Warranty 4 years / 1500 hrs – Whichever occurs first

  • Worldwide logistical support

  • Field Technical Support

  • Parts availability – off the shelf parts support from P&WC

  • Maintenance Training

  • Reduced Maintenance Downtime due to the EEC Unit

  • The Electronic Engine Controller (EEC) is the standard engine controller used in all modern Pratt and Whitney Canada applications. It Controls all engine operations and prevents over-temps during startup. It also records the following information in the engine Data Collection Unit (DCU) to assist in maintenance practices and troubleshooting

  • Engine Running Time

  • Automatic Engine Cycle Counting (in partial cycles) leads to reduced cycle counts

  • Data Control unit, stores the operational history of the engine

  • Exceedance Monitoring

  • Fault Detections

  • Trend monitoring – In house or with P&WC software, Pratt could do the engine performance trend analysis for you.

  • HUMS Compatible – can adapt to aircraft HUMS system to collect engine data along with airframe data

  • Download all data through 3 methods, utilizing Pratt and Whitney’s Canada’s Ground Based Software System via DCU, EEC or Cockpit Port.

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Minimum Scheduled Maintenance with Standard Tools

  • Approx. 6.5 hrs. labor per 600 hrs. operation /year scheduled maintenance

  • No engine oil changes between overhauls

  • Removal of the bleed air oil cooler fan – installation of electric Fan Assembly

  • Reduced tailboom heat exposure

  • Reduced tailboom panel delimitation problems

  • Reduced tailboom exhaust soot

  • No Engine Vibrations Analysis Checks Required at installation

  • 20 day Conversion at Customers Facility

PT6C-67D vs T53-703 Cost Comparison Charts
PT6C-67D vs T53-703 Inspection Requirements Comparison Charts


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