• Fuel savings 60 gal/hr. Approx. 30%

  • Higher useful load

  • Weight Saving 50 Lbs from the standard UH-1H T53-13 installation

  • Less fuel needed for specific operations

  • No aux tank needed – more useful load

  • No bleed air requirements with the electric Oil Cooler Blower installation

  • Altitude performance

  • 15,000 ft. Auto Re-lite certification

  • As the engine increases in altitude, it’s “thermal power” available drops due to air density, because the PT6 is of a newer design era, its “lapse rate” (power fall-off due to altitude) is better (less) than that of the T53

  • Available Power (not at its max for the Engine Series)

  • Although the PT6C-67D Engine is certified to 1680 Thermo Horsepower for the Huey TALON installation, the engine series, which includes the PT6C-67A, is certified to a maximum of 2518 Thermo Horsepower. The additional power which is un-utilized in the PT6C-67D helps to improve the overall altitude performance.

  • The additional “reserve” power available helps with Altitude Performance of the engine.

  • Responsiveness

  • Electronic Collective Power Anticipator, electronic replacement for the droop compensator system, very responsive

  • The advanced factory-new engine is equipped with an Electronic Engine Control (EEC) for precise and fast rotor governing with a hydro-mechanical back-up feature that provides for safe engine control and ease of helicopter operation.

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